2022-2023 North Carolina Car Insurance Guide

Kreger Brodish Offer a Simplified 22-23 car insurance guide for north carolina drivers

Motorists must meet North Carolina’s auto insurance requirements. But navigating the lengthy consumer guides for insurance can be tricky. The injury attorneys at Kreger Brodish LLP want to provide you with simple, straightforward information on how to choose the best auto insurance for your situation. For more insurance help, contact our North Carolina car accident lawyers today.

What Auto Insurance Is Legally Required in North Carolina?

According to this year’s insurance guide published by the state insurance department, all auto insurance policies in North Carolina must include the following:

Coverage Required Amount
Bodily injury liability coverage per person $30,000
Bodily injury liability coverage per accident $60,000
Property damage liability coverage $25,000
Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage Equal to the bodily injury and property damage minimum amounts


Does NC Require Personal Injury Protection Coverage?

North Carolina does not require personal injury protection (PIP) coverage, nor is it available here. States that follow no-fault insurance rules often require PIP coverage, which provides benefits regardless of who causes a crash.

However, North Carolina follows a traditional at-fault system, which means the driver responsible for causing a collision is liable for resulting injuries. Some insurance companies offer medical payment (MedPay) insurance, which can help with the costs of treating crash-related injuries. This coverage is not required, though.

Other FAQs About North Carolina Auto Insurance Laws

Here are straightforward answers to some of the most common questions that we get about North Carolina auto insurance:

How is fault factored into insurance coverage and payments?

North Carolina’s at-fault insurance system means the driver who caused the crash is responsible for any injuries. Proving fault is vital in a car accident case because North Carolina is one of the few states still using a pure contributory negligence rule. Under this rule, a person cannot seek compensation for their injuries if they are at all responsible for the accident. A North Carolina car accident lawyer can build a solid case to help prove the other party was at fault.

Is there a cap to damages in NC personal injury claims?

There are no caps on economic and non-economic damages in North Carolina car accident claims. However, punitive damages are capped at three times the amount of compensatory damages or $250,000, whichever is higher.

If I have insurance, why hire a personal injury lawyer after an accident?

If your insurance covers some but not all of your losses after an accident, you may need to pursue additional compensation from the other driver. This will require proof that they caused your injuries. A car accident lawyer can gather helpful evidence to build a strong case and maximize your compensation. A Durham personal injury lawyer can also help if the insurance company rejects or disputes your claim.

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