Personal Injury Lawyer in Durham, NC

Injured man sitting on the couch while treating his injury

At Kreger Brodish LLP, our Durham personal injury lawyers have successfully represented thousands of accident victims coping with various injuries. We understand how stressful life can be for people dealing with physical pain while struggling to get back to work and take care of their families. Physically, emotionally, and financially, it can be overwhelming. Our Durham personal injury lawyer is here to help.

Injured man using a crutch in front of a wrecked carOur respected legal team has over a decade of experience in personal injury law. We’ve been helping clients navigate tough personal injury lawsuits. Our lawyers have earned a reputation for taking on big-name insurance companies and securing maximum payments for our deserving clients. With extensive experience working for and against large corporations, we have the knowledge and skills to fight for the justice you deserve.

Contact our Durham personal injury lawyers now for a free consultation. Our trusted North Carolina personal injury attorneys do not charge any fees upfront to start working on your case. You only pay us if we recover money for you.

Types of Cases Our Durham Personal Injury Lawyers Handle

Kreger Brodish LLP represents individuals and families who have been harmed due to someone else’s negligence. We offer services in the following fields:

If you are ready to discuss the details of your case, please reach out. Our attorneys are here to answer your questions and help you understand your legal rights after a serious injury.

Do You Have a Personal Injury Case?

Only some accidents will result in a personal injury lawsuit. However, you will need to be able to show that someone else was responsible for your personal injury accident and that you suffered damages as a result. The value of your Durham personal injury claim depends on various facts unique to you, your injury, and your legal issues.

The following questions will help you determine if you have a strong personal injury claim:

  • Was someone else responsible for your personal injury accident?
  • What personal injuries do you have?
  • Have you received treatment for your injuries? What other medical treatments do you need?
  • Will the insurance company cover your injury (for example, another driver’s auto insurance or insurance for a negligent property owner)? What are the policy limits of the insurance coverage?
  • Were you at work when you were injured?
  • Will your personal injuries result in you missing work or losing income?
  • Have your personal injuries resulted in permanent impairment or disability?
  • Are your personal injuries affecting your quality of life?

The most brilliant move you can make after any accident is to speak with a trusted Durham personal injury lawyer. At Kreger Brodish LLP, we’ll review your legal case for free without obligation.

How Much Is My Personal Injury Case Worth in North Carolina?

North Carolina law allows accident victims to recover damages from the party responsible for their injuries. Some cracks are available in personal injury cases, and some are only available under limited circumstances.

As part of your case, the personal injury law may entitle you to:

  • Compensation for pain and suffering
  • Reimbursement for missed paychecks if you had to take time off work to recover
  • Payment of your outstanding medical expenses
  • Reimbursement of your out-of-pocket expenses, co-pays, and other payments you have made toward your medical treatment
  • Payment for permanent injuries, impairment, or disabilities you have suffered as the result of your accident
  • Payment for future medical care, physical therapy, surgery, or other treatment
  • Reimbursement for medical devices, such as canes, crutches, prosthetics, wheelchairs, wheelchair ramps, or walkers
  • The costs to repair your vehicle or compensate you for the total loss of your car if you were hurt in a car accident.
  • The costs to replace your personal property that may have been damaged in your accident or injury, such as your cellphone, glasses, laptop, or clothing
  • Reduced earning capacity for the future if you cannot return to your previous level of work
  • Payment for disfigurement or scars your injuries have caused.
  • Compensation for the negligent infliction of emotional, psychological, or cognitive distress or harm caused to you
  • Punitive damages, which may be awarded to punish the defendant in personal injury cases of extreme recklessness or negligence

At Kreger Brodish LLP, we focus on maximizing the value of your claim. Our Durham personal injury attorneys will work with industry-leading experts to thoroughly assess your damages and demand the compensation you deserve.