Our Mission

  • Always Available When it comes to working with and communicating with our attorneys and paralegals, you will notice we are a little different. Our attorneys and paralegals strive to be as accessible as possible. To that end, our team is reachable through direct communication channels, like email, cellphone, or text message. You can also call our front desk or stop by our office to schedule an appointment. And when it is time to meet, we are available to communicate with you virtually or in-person. We do not use our staff to build a wall between our clients and our attorneys and paralegals, so when you want to speak to your attorney or paralegal, you will always find a convenient way to do so.
  • Top-Quality Service We will handle your case with professionalism and compassion. We believe our legal services are second to none. Our attorneys do whatever it takes to resolve your case and attain a successful outcome that exceeds your expectations.
  • Free & Convenient Consultations We always offer free consultations for injury matters, and we offer a variety of communication methods to conduct your consultation. We can do your consultation in-person in our conference room, in-person in your home, over the telephone, through email, or over instant chat online. In your consultation, we will assess your case and give you our opinion on the likelihood of success. We will explain the steps we would take to handle your case, and we will provide you with a quote for our fees. (You can trust that quote won’t change later after you hire us.)
  • Fair & Transparent Legal Fees We set legal fees at a level that are fair to you and proportional to the value that we add to your case. To be sure that you are fully aware of our fees, we always quote either a fixed flat fee that will never change or a contingent fee that is determined based on the outcome of your case. (For example, in personal injury cases, you only pay a fee if we recover money for you.) We are always willing to consider unique or custom fee structures for cases that are unusual or atypical. So please feel free to ask us about alternative fee arrangements if you feel your case requires one.