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We Can Help You Take The First Step

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We know that separation and divorce are difficult, both emotionally and financially. Our attorneys have the experience to fight for your legal rights, while providing the support you need during this stressful and complicated process.

We can guide you through the legal steps towards separation or divorce, and explore other legal issues critical to your family. Every case is different, just as every family is different. Often your family law case will involve a custom combination of legal issues:

  • Do you have children, and will you require a child custody order?
  • Will you need a child support?
  • Are you entitled to alimony or other spousal support?
  • Are there assets or property that will be contested in your separation?

Whether it includes divorce, separation, child custody and support, or alimony, we will fight for you in the courtroom, while helping your family continue living your lives in a calm and peaceful manner.

Absolute Divorce

Under North Carolina law, divorce is the legal end to your marriage with your spouse. Divorce requires the filing of a complaint in court, and serving that complaint upon your spouse. However, failing to follow the proper legal procedure, or failing to address certain legal issues, like child support and alimony, can result in your rights under the law being permanently waived.

Under the laws of North Carolina, absolute divorce requires several elements, all of which must be proven by the spouse seeking divorce:

  1. Have one of the divorcing spouses lived in North Carolina for six (6) months prior to the spouse filing a complaint for divorce?
  2. Are you and your spouse legally married?
  3. Have you and your spouse lived separate and apart for one (1) year or more?
  4. Do you and your spouse plan to continue your relationship as a married couple?

Separation Agreements

If you and your spouse are planning for divorce, one of the legal requirements in North Carolina is that you and your spouse must live separate and apart for at least one (1) year. This leads to a giant question: What can you do NOW?

Hiring an attorney to draft a separation agreement is the first step in dealing with the big issues of your family law case. A separation agreement is a contract drafted by an attorney and agreed on between you and your spouse. Separation agreements are usually very custom to you and your family.

Your separation agreement can address any number of issues, including:

  • Which spouse retains marital residence
  • Division of assets and property
  • Alimony or spousal support
  • Child Custody, Parenting Schedules, Child Support
  • Allocation and division of debt and expenses

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