Can I Get My Speeding Ticket Reduced to an Improper Equipment?


North Carolina traffic and criminal defense attorneys are often asked by their clients how to get their speeding ticket reduced to an improper equipment infraction. First, however, you might be wondering why a person would even want that their speeding ticket be reduced to improper equipment. An infraction for an improper equipment is appealing because it is not considered a moving violation. Because it is not a moving violation, you do not receive any license or insurance points on your driving record.

The district attorney for every county has different guidelines as to whether they will offer a reduction of a speeding ticket down to an improper equipment. Therefore, the county in which you received your ticket is an important factor in determining whether your ticket can be reduced to an improper equipment. In some counties, this type of reduction can be straightforward. In other counties, however, a reduction to an improper equipment can be difficult, or even impossible.

In addition, reductions to an improper equipment will depend on your driving record. If you have multiple improper equipment infractions and other recent speeding charges on your driving record, your chances of being able to get a reduction to improper equipment are low. (However, it does not hurt to ask the district attorney.) If choose not to hire an attorney and handle your traffic ticket yourself, ask the assistant district attorney if they are able to reduce the charge to an improper equipment. Be prepared to pay, though. Often times, an infraction of improper equipment comes with a higher court fine.

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