Common Mistakes that can harm your North Carolina Personal Injury Claim

When you have been injured in an auto accident, there are some common mistakes that you can make that can harm your personal injury case or the value of your personal injury case. Today’s post is going to discuss some of the mistakes that may not be so obvious to you, but are important to avoid. If you have any questions about your personal injury case, feel free to contact one of our Durham Injury Attorneys or Greensboro Injury Attorneys by filling out the free consultation for to the right, emailing us at or calling us at 888-820-5885.

  1. Don’t Sign Your Rights Away
    You should never sign any document provided by the insurance company without first discussing the consequence of signing the document with a Durham Personal Injury Attorney or Greensboro Personal Injury Attorney. Some documents that seem harmless, such as a property damage waiver can be extremely harmful to your case. This is true because some property damage releases contain provisions that waive any future injury claims. To be safe, if you are not absolutely certain that the document you are signing is harmless, always run any document the insurance company asks you to sign by a Durham Personal Injury Lawyer or Greensboro Personal Injury Lawyer.
  2. Don’t Let your guard down
    Avoid underestimating the insurance company or letting your guard down just because the insurance company seems nice or harmless. You need to expect that the insurance company is investigating you and your accident in a manner that will minimize the value of your claim. This investigation includes potentially conduct surveillance on you, looking into your prior medical history, looking into your criminal background, looking into your driving record, etc.
  3. Be honest with the insurance company
    The insurance company is asking you questions on record so that it can later investigate your answers to see if you are being truthful. Nothing is more important to your case than your credibility. If you lie about prior accidents, prior injuries, etc., then insurance company will typically discover the lies and use the lies against you in your case (both in negotiations and at trial). If you do not want to disclose information about yourself, just refuse to speak to the insurance company. Never tell a lie to the insurance company. That’s what they want you to do, and they will use the lie against you.
  4. Don’t write online about your injury
    Your Facebook page, twitter account, blog, myspace account, etc. will be viewed by the insurance company and its defense attorneys (even if you set it as private). If you write about your injuries or about your accident (or provide information that is relevant such as your physical activities, etc.) that information can be used against you (again, in both negotiations and at a trial). Be extremely careful what information and photos you post publicly.
  5. Keep a thorough record of your injuries
    If your injuries are visible, take photos. If you have difficulty with your daily activities, videos may be helpful to a jury. Always obtain photos of the damage to your car, the damage to the car that caused the accident, and of the accident scene (if possible). Also, hang on to repair estimates, medical records, and even a daily diary that outlines all of your injury related activities.

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