Considerations In Handling Your Own North Carolina Personal Injury Claim

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Many people are not aware that after an auto accident it is possible to handle your own personal injury claim and still receive a fair settlement. With some fundamental information about how the insurance claims process operates, some organizational skills, and some persistence you can handle your personal injury claim on your own without a personal injury attorney. If you do a really great job handling your own personal injury claim, you may be able to settle your claim quicker without a lawyer and still get the same fair compensation.

Notwithstanding what some in the legal industry and insurance industry might say, the claims process is quite simple. Most insurance claims simply involve gather evidence related to your accident, evidence such as photos of the accident scene, photos of the cars, photos of injuries, a police report, medical records, medical bills, lost wage evidence, etc. Once all of the information is gathered, you just need to present that information in an organized, logical and compelling manner. As a result, most insurance claims just involve exchanging documents with the insurance adjuster in order to properly document your case. You generally do not need to have a strong grasp of the law or of legal terminology or insurance terminology to be able to settle an insurance claim. If someone was careless and harmed you, then you are owed money for your losses and on most cases the insurance company will recognize. It’s usually as simple as that (if the insurance company disagrees with you and denies your claim, then you are headed towards a lawsuit and it makes sense to consider hiring a Durham Personal Injury Lawyer or Greensboro Personal Injury Lawyer to assist you with your lawsuit).  In addition, if you do not have the time or interest in gathering your own evidence and communicating back and forth with the insurance company, then it may make sense to hire a Durham Personal Injury Attorney or Greensboro Personal Injury Attorney).

The most difficult aspect of handling your personal injury claim on your own is determining how much your claim is worth. Many factors are assessed in determining the value of your personal injury case. For example, the type of accident is relevant (rear end collision, head on collision, etc.). Additionally, the details surrounding your injury are assessed (how severe is your injury, how does your injury affect your daily activities, what is your prognosis, etc.). Lastly, your medical bills and medical records are evaluated.  Placing a value on your personal injury claim does not involve a formula, or some pre-arranged number. Rather, you and the adjuster will just negotiate and argue over what value a jury member would place on your claim after hearing about your pain, suffering and inconvenience. The insurance company will typically have a range based on settlements of similar cases, and you should have a figure in mind since you were the person who actually had to suffer through the experience (to come up with a number, try to think about how much money someone would have to pay you to put you through the same experience – – that number will be different for everyone, but it is a good place to start as it is the mindset that a jury member will use).

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