Free Form Friday: Form Contingent Retainer & Fee Agreement

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This free form may be more for attorneys out there that are looking for a simple form contingent retainer and fee agreement. For our personal injury cases, like most plaintiff attorneys, we do not charge hourly. Rather, we charge our clients on a contingency fee, meaning our fee is a percentage of what we are able to collect on our client’s case. The percentage we charge ranges and depends on the size of the case (lower fee for bigger cases, higher fee for smaller cases — the idea is to make a fair compensation for the work we anticipate doing).

Form Contingent Retainer & Fee Agreement

I, ___________________________________, retain and employ Kreger Brodish LLP (KT) as my Law firm and Attorneys to represent me in my claim against any individual, company or entity for bodily injuries and property damage sustained arising out of an incident which occurred on ____________________.

It is understood and agreed that my Attorneys will receive as their ___________________ of the gross amount recovered by KT.

KT will advance all reasonable expenses associated with my case. Expenses include, but are not limited to, copies of medical records, police reports, depositions, investigative fees, photocopying, postage, filing fees of the court, expert witness fees, court reporter and videographer fees, travel expenses and any other expenses necessary for the proper handling of my case. These expenses will be reimbursed to KT out of any financial recovery KT obtains on my behalf.

KT may assist me in processing my Medical Payments claim (hereinafter referred to as “Medpay”), and will not receive thirty-three and one-third percent of my Medpay recovery, but rather will take only a $____ flat fee for this assistance. KT is hereby given power of attorney to complete and sign anything necessary to process my claims.

If there is no recovery on my case, KT does not receive any fee and KT is responsible for all costs and expenses.


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