Gathering Information to file your Durham Bankruptcy or Greensboro Bankruptcy

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Today’s post discusses some concepts around completing our bankruptcy questionnaires. If you are considering filing a Durham Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Greensboro Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and want to know what information is required in order to file bankruptcy, please contact one of our Durham Bankruptcy Attorneys or Greensboro Bankruptcy Attorneys with your questions.

Generally when you call us to discuss filing for bankruptcy the first thing we do is discuss your debts, assets, income, etc. in order to determine if (a) you qualify for bankruptcy and (b) if it makes sense for you to file for bankruptcy. Assuming we agree that you both qualify to file bankruptcy and it makes sense for you to file bankruptcy, then our next step is to start gathering information for your bankruptcy petition. If you would like to start the first step in your bankruptcy, call one of our Durham Bankruptcy Lawyers or Greensboro Bankruptcy Lawyers to discuss if you qualify to file for bankruptcy.

The way we begin gathering information for your bankruptcy petition is by asking you to complete our bankruptcy questionnaire and to provide certain documents. An example of some of the information that you will need to provide includes: (a) a list of all the property you own (and the location, date of purchase and an estimated value on each item), (b) a list of all of your debts (along with recent account summaries to show the outstanding debt), (c) copies of all of your pay stubs for the past 2 months, (d) a copy of your federal tax return for each of the last 3 years, (e) a copy of your driver’s license or passport, etc. This is not an exhaustive list, there is more. As you can see, filling out our bankruptcy questionnaire and gathering documentation can be time consuming. However, this information is crucial, as it is required under federal law and we can not complete your Durham Chapter 7 Bankruptcy petition or Greensboro Chapter 7 Bankruptcy petition without it. On the bright side, it is the last thing you will have to do in order to file for bankruptcy. Once you give us all of your information, then we pretty much handle everything else for you.

So, typically we meet with you to provide you with our bankruptcy questionnaire and a list of requested documents. We set a follow appointment a week or two away, to give you some time to gather your documents and information. You’ll be required to list all of your debts, assets, income, etc., and provide documentation of each. If you leave anything out, your bankruptcy may fail or you may keep some debt with you after your bankruptcy.

For more information on what data you need to gather to file for bankruptcy contact our Durham Bankruptcy Attorneys or Greensboro Bankruptcy Attorneys for a free, no obligation consultation.