How Can I Get My Attorney to Work My Insurance Claim Settlement Faster?

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If you are finding this page, it is likely that there is a lack of communication between you and your Durham personal injury lawyer. If you feel like your case is not moving fast enough, the first thing you should do is speak with your attorney and try to understand what is causing the delay. Once you understand what the source of the delay is, you can better understand what you and your attorney can do to expedite your claim.

Insurance claims and personal injury cases can take a long time to be settled. A lot of the work that has to be done can be delayed by others – like getting medical bills and medical records, and getting an adjuster to review and evaluate your claim.

Is the delay because a certain hospital, doctor or chiropractor has failed to send a necessary bill or report? Is the delay because an insurance adjuster is not responding to the settlement demand? Is the delay because an employer has not submitted a lost wage letter?

Some delays, like delays in documentation from medical providers and employers, can be resolved quickly with the client getting involved. Other delays, such as a delay due to the adjuster, cannot be resolved quickly (because the harder your attorney pushes the adjuster to evaluate the claim, the more likely the adjuster will dismiss the notion that a lawsuit may be filed (and offer less money).