I Was Injured in a Car Accident in North Carolina. How Long Do I Have to File a Lawsuit for My Injuries?


If you have a negligence case arising from an auto accident for injuries, vehicle repairs, or other types of legal damages, it is very important to keep your eye on the calendar. If you miss the legal deadline to file a lawsuit in court for your damages, you will be permanently barred from pursuing your legal case.

North Carolina, a plaintiff generally has three (3) years from the date of the plaintiff’s accident in which to file a lawsuit.  This three (3) year time frame is called the statute of limitations. If a plaintiff does not file the lawsuit within the three (3) year time period (i.e., the statute of limitations), a plaintiff will lose rights to receive monetary compensation for injuries and other types of damages. Also, it isn’t enough just that a Plaintiff files his or her lawsuit in time. A Plaintiff must also be very careful that the lawsuit against the correct defendants, and that all legal claims are properly listed within the lawsuit.

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