North Carolina Personal Injury Settlements: How Is My Settlement Calculated?


North Carolina Personal Injury Settlements consist of three main categories: medical expenses (or medical bills), loss of earnings (or lost wages), and pain and suffering.

If you have found this webpage looking for an exact value for your North Carolina Personal Injury Settlement, then you may be disappointed to learn that there is no formula for calculating your North Carolina Personal Injury Settlement. Despite what you may have read elsewhere, or been told by someone else, there is no formula that allows you to receive “3 times your medical expenses.” If there was a formula that calculated how much you received in your North Carolina Personal Injury Settlement, then almost nobody would need a North Carolina Personal Injury Attorney because the insurance adjuster would just willingly write you a check for exactly what you are owed (and if you are dealing with an insurance adjuster you know that is not how the process goes). Long story short is that if you are finding information that suggests there is a formula for calculating North Carolina Personal Injury Settlements (like here), that information is not accurate for North Carolina Personal Injury Cases.

So if there is no formula, then how is my case evaluated? NC Personal Injury Settlements are based on a large number of factors including: (1) which insurance company you are dealing with, (2) which insurance adjuster you are dealing with, (3) the severity of your injury, (4) the strength of your liability case, (5) the details of the accident and property damage (speed, damage, airbags, etc.), (6) the strength of your witnesses, etc. There are a bunch of other factors that can impact the outcome of North Carolina Personal Injury Settlements (County the Defendant lives in, prior claims you have made, who you received treatment with, etc.).

How do you determine what your case is worth? I don’t recommend relying on the insurance adjuster’s evaluation, and I don’t think you’ll find a good evaluation online. I recommend you speak with an attorney. After a 10-15 minute conversation, most North Carolina Personal Injury Attorneys will be able to predict pretty accurately the value of your case.

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