Should I Use a Prayer for Judgment Continued (a “PJC”) on My Traffic Ticket?

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When someone receives a traffic ticket, often the first question they ask an attorney is whether they can just use a prayer for judgment continued, commonly referred to as a PJC. First, it is important to understand that a PJC is a disposition of a criminal charge where a plea of guilty is entered to the charge, but the Judge withholds entering a judgment. The underlying charge is pleaded as guilty, and this guilty plea will then appear on your driving record. The benefit of a PJC, however, is that no license points are assessed because the judgment is withheld. Since no license points are assessed, you will not incur any insurance points, which helps in keeping your insurance premiums down.

PJCs may sound great, but there are a few things to take into consideration before deciding if a PJC is the right option for you. First, will want to consider your traffic charge, driving record and household prior to using a PJC. A PJC cannot be used for all traffic charges. Charges of driving while impaired, speeding in excess of 25 mph, and passing a stopped school bus are all ineligible for a PJC.

Additionally, each driver can only benefit from a PJC once every 3 years without incurring any insurance points. You will also need to consider whether any other members in your household have or will need to use a PJC within the same 3 year period. If another member of your household uses a PJC within the same three year period you use one, insurance points can be incurred for both of the convictions. Although a PJC can prevent you from incurring license and insurance points, there are other options you can pursue to keep license and insurance points down, such as seeking a reduction of your charges.

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