What Lawyer Do You Use For Property Damage in Durham or Greensboro?

Today’s Durham Attorney and Greensboro Attorney blog post discusses whether the attorneys at Kreger Brodish are available to help you with your property damage claim. If you have suffered property damage due to someone’s carelessness, you can get your questions answered free of charge, by email or phone, by contacting one of our Durham Property Damage Attorneys or Greensboro Property Damage Attorneys at info@kregerthacker.com or by phone at (888) 820-5885.

The Durham Attorneys and Greensboro Attorneys at Kreger Brodish do assist clients with property damage claims, and are willing to work on a contingency basis (we are compensated based on what compensation we are able to recover (our contingency percentage is typically somewhere between 25%-35% depending on your case)). Unless you really do not want to deal with your property damage claim on your own (in that case you can call us immediately), we do recommend that you at least attempt to get an offer for your property damage from the person who caused your property damage. If you find that the offer is fair (if you are not sure if it is fair, have your property appraised), then it makes sense for you to resolve your property damage case without the involvement of our Durham Property Damage Attorneys or Greensboro Property Damage Attorneys, as you will save 25%-35% by handling the case on your own. However, if you find that you are not able to obtain a fair value for your property damage, and for the loss of use of your property, then our Durham Property Damage Lawyers and Greensboro Property Damage Lawyers are willing to discuss your property damage case with you free of charge. In our discussion, we’ll give you an idea if we think that the offer you currently have is fair, and discuss whether, economically, it makes sense for you to hire a Property Damage Attorney to assist you with your claim.

Again, if you have suffered property damage and would like legal advice on your claim, you can contact our Durham Property Damage Attorneys and Greensboro Property Damage Attorneys by completing the contact form to the right, by calling us at 888-820-5885 or by sending an email to info@kregerthacker.com.