You Should Always Contact The Police After A North Carolina Auto Accident

Should you call the police after your North Carolina automobile accident?

The answer this question is the same for every single auto accident, no matter how big or small. Yes, always call the police after you are involved in an automobile accident. Your first concern should always to be sure everyone in the accident is okay, and to ensure that anyone injured gets medical attention. Your second concern should be to ensure that the police are immediately contacted so that you can have the accident documented. The police officer will investigate the accident, speak to witnesses, look at the vehicles and the conditions at the accident, and give his or her opinion on what factors caused the accident. This information will be extremely important to your Durham Injury Lawyer or Greensboro Injury Lawyer. If you fail to notify the police or a neutral third party of the accident, then you are leaving yourself vulnerable to the other driver changing his or her version of the facts. Don’t ever let the other driver talk you out of calling the police.

If you you have any questions about what to do at the scene of an auto accident then you should contact a Durham Personal Injury Attorney or Greensboro Personal Injury Attorney.