Can I See The Durham County Attorney Or Guilford County Attorney And Have My Speeding Ticket Reduced?

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Sometimes our Durham Speeding Ticket Attorneys and Greensboro Speeding Ticket Attorneys hear from clients that have tried to call the Durham County Attorney’s Office or Guilford County Attorney’s Office to get their speeding ticket reduced. As they now know, and as you now know, the County Attorney does not handle prosecuting traffic tickets. If you are looking to get a reduction on your speeding ticket or discuss your speeding ticket case, you’ll need to contact the Durham County District Attorney’s Office or Guilford County District Attorney’s Office. You virtually always be told to just attend Durham County court or Guilford County Court on the court date listed on your Durham speeding ticket or Guilford speeding ticket and take that opportunity to discuss your case with the D.A.

So the answer to the question is no, you can not see the Durham County Attorney or Guilford County Attorney to have your speeding ticket reduced; you’ll have to attend court and talk to the District Attorney. In case you are wondering, the Durham County Attorney and Guilford County Attorney handles legal matters involving the operations of the Durham County government and Guilford County Government. The Durham County Attorney’s office and Guilford County Attorney’s office makes sure that the acts of their County comply with local laws, state laws and federal laws (e.g., handling deeds, leases, contracts, etc.).

If you have any other questions about your North Carolina speeding ticket, Durham Speeding Ticket or Greensboro Speeding Ticket, please contact one of our North Carolina Speeding Ticket Attorneys, Durham Speeding Ticket Attorneys, Greensboro Speeding Ticket Attorneys or Guilford Speeding Ticket Attorneys. We’ll answer your questions free of charge if you call (888) 820-5885 or email (we can give you an expected outcome if you tell us what your speed was and what your driving record looks like).