Durham Disability Lawyer and Greensboro Disability Lawyer: Proving Your Disability

Tuesday’s Durham disability and Greensboro disability blog post introduced the definition of disability (in short, a condition serious enough to keep you out of work or at least 12 months). Today’s Durham disability and Greensboro disability blog post will introduce the test to prove your disability.

To begin, you will need the diagnosis of a medically recognized impairment from a medical source that is acceptable to the Judge, and you will need documentation that your symptoms of your diagnosis are severe enough to prevent you from engaging in substantial gainful activity. Typically, your medical source needs to be a physician, psychologist, optometrist, podiatrist, pathologist, etc. Basically, your medical source needs to be a practicing medical professional. You will need to obtain your medical records going all the way back to the onset of your symptoms.

In addition, if you have other sources of evidence, such as teachers, daycare providers, social workers, previous employers, etc., those opinions can help as well.

Lastly, your personal statement should include information about your condition (describe your symptoms in detail (frequency, duration, etc.), include information about what causes or aggravates your condition, outline the effectiveness of medication, and outline the side-effects to your medication. You should also outline what your daily activities are and how you try to overcome your disability.

So, to summarize, to prove your disability you are going to need to get a clear diagnosis from a medical source and document this diagnosis by obtaining all of your medical records. Additionally, you will need supporting evidence from non-medical sources such as employers, teachers, etc. Lastly, you will need to put together a detailed personal statement that outlines your disability, symptoms, treatment, limitations, etc.

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