Information You Should Obtain At A North Carolina Auto Accident Scene

What evidence should I acquire if I am in an auto accident?

First, before you try to gather any information, be sure to contact the local police and also emergency medical assistance (if necessary). After you have contacted the police and medics, you can focus on obtaining the following information which will be requested by your Durham injury lawyer or a Greensboro injury lawyer:

  1. Obtain the demographic information of every driver, passenger, witness, etc. You can get names, phone #s, addresses, driver’s license #s, insurance information, etc. If you have a camera or a phone with a good camera, take photos of the information.
  2. Obtain information about the vehicles that were involved in the accident. Information like the color, make, model, etc. will be useful to you later. Again, if you have a camera or cell phone with a camera, then photo document everything.
  3. Write down everything you can remember about what happened in the auto accident. You should write down details like what direction each car was traveling, what the weather conditions were like at the time of the accident, whether anybody was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If any of these details can be photo documented, be sure to take some pictures.

Avoid admitting fault, speaking to insurance representatives or adjusters, agreeing to resolve accident without involving police, and also just try to stay as calm as possible at the scene of your auto accident. If you get too anxious or uncertain about what is happening, then consider calling a Durham personal injury attorney or a Greensboro personal injury attorney to give you some guidance.