Elevator and Escalator Accident Attorney in Durham, NC


Riding on an elevator or escalator is a common occurrence. Nevertheless, whether a person is using an elevator or escalator in a mall, hospital, or airport, the risk of accidents involving elevators and escalators exists.

When such accidents do occur, they can result in serious injuries and costly medical bills.

Elevator and Escalator Injuries

Elevator or escalator accidents can cause severe and occasionally life-changing injuries. Such injuries can occur when the elevator or escalator is not maintained properly, installed in an incorrect way, or have some other default or issue.

Elevator injuries can include being trapped inside the elevator, being trapped by the elevator doors, crushing injuries, slips, trips, and falls. Similarly, escalators can cause injuries involving being trapped or caught by the elevator treads and parts, slips, trips, and falls.

Rights of the Victim

Victims of accidents involving elevators and escalators have the right to pursue a claim against the owner, operator, or manager of the elevator or escalator.

Kreger Brodish attorneys can help you fight for your damages, including:

  • Reimbursement and compensation for medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Compensation for permanent impairment or disability
  • Lost wages
  • Lost future earning capacity
  • Payment for future surgeries, physical therapy, and rehabilitation

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