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legal malpractice
Notice: Unfortunately, we are presently not accepting new legal malpractice cases at this time.

When a person obtains legal representation, it is expected that their attorney will use have the skill and knowledge necessary to provide competent and effective representation. When an attorney fails to provide competent and effective representation, their client becomes a victim, and could pursue a legal malpractice claim against their incompetent attorney.

What is Considered Legal Malpractice?

Legal malpractice can come in several forms such as the following;

  • Failing to act before your case’s statute of limitations
  • Excessive or unreasonablefees
  • Ignoring a conflict of interest
  • Poor performance
  • Acting in excess of their authority
  • Misguiding their client
  • Falsifying any information

If your attorney does one of the following or harms you or your legal case in another way, you might have a claim for damages against your attorney for their actions.

Statute of Limitations

Just like claims other North Carolina claims for negligence or malpractice, however, a claim for legal malpractice must be brought within the relevant statute of limitations. Therefore, if you feel that your current attorney has committed legal malpractice, do not delay in contacting Kreger Brodish to discuss your potential legal malpractice case.

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