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Fatal Truck Accident Statistics in North Carolina

The following statistics illustrate the prevalence and consequences of crashes involving various types of trucks in North Carolina. In one recent year alone:

  • There were 5,171 two-axle, single-unit truck crashes, 38 (0.7 percent) of which were fatal.
  • There were 2,162 accidents involving single-unit trucks with at least three axles, 25 (1.2 percent) of which resulted in fatalities.
  • Truck/trailer combos were involved in 3,798 crashes, of which 24 (0.6 percent) were fatal.
  • There were 317 truck/tractor combo wrecks, with seven (2.2 percent) resulting in fatalities.
  • Tractor/semi-trailer trucks were involved in 5,036 crashes, 70 (1.4 percent) of which were fatal.
  • Tractor/double trailer rigs were involved in 110 wrecks, one (0.9 percent) of which was fatal.

Most Common Causes of Fatal Truck Accidents

Fatal truck accidents often occur due to factors that are entirely preventable, such as:

  • Driver fatigue – Many truck drivers work long hours without sufficient rest. When drivers are tired, their reaction times slow down, their ability to make quick decisions decreases, and their risk of getting in accidents increases. Some tired truckers cause collisions without taking any evasive actions, dramatically increasing the likelihood of fatalities.
  • Speeding – Trucks are large and heavy, making them harder to stop quickly. When truck drivers speed, they need more distance to stop safely and are significantly more likely to crash.
  • Distracted driving – Like all drivers, truck drivers can become distracted by mobile phones, eating, or other activities that take their attention off the road. Distractions reduce a driver’s awareness and reaction time, increasing the odds of causing a deadly truck accident.
  • Poor vehicle maintenance – Trucks require regular maintenance to stay safe on the road. Failing to maintain brakes, tires, and other critical parts can lead to mechanical failures that cause wrecks.
  • Impaired driving – Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or certain medications can impair a truck driver’s judgment, coordination, and reaction times. Impaired driving is a significant risk factor for fatal truck accidents.