Fatigued Truck Driving Accidents in North Carolina

truck driver with fatigue

Driving a commercial truck can be a demanding job that involves traveling long distances, working unusual hours, and meeting tight deadlines. Eventually, that stress can take a toll. A driver may become so tired that their ability to safely operate their vehicle is impaired. Research shows that fatigue can impact a person’s cognitive functioning and motor skills in the same way as alcohol. That makes driving while drowsy as dangerous as drunk driving in some circumstances.

If you were injured in an accident involving a fatigued truck driver, you could be entitled to compensation for your injuries and other losses related to the crash. At Kreger Brodish LLP, we provide clients with the professional, compassionate representation they deserve. For over a decade, our firm has advocated for the rights of accident victims and helped them pursue the compensation they need for medical bills, lost wages, and more. We understand how difficult recovering from a traumatic accident can be and will handle every detail of your case while you focus on what matters.

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What Should You Do If You Believe Your Auto Accident Was Caused by Truck Driver Fatigue?

If you know or suspect a fatigued truck driver caused the accident that injured you, it’s essential to contact an experienced attorney who can build a case against the driver. Proving that a drowsy driver caused a crash can be challenging — but it is possible with the proper evidence. A skilled lawyer can investigate the accident and gather evidence to determine liability in your case. The types of evidence that may be useful in proving that a truck driver was fatigued at the time of a crash may include the following:

  • Black box data from the truck
  • Travel logs, logbooks, or billed hours
  • The driver’s cell phone records
  • GPS data
  • The police accident report
  • The driver’s medical records, in case they were being treated for a sleeping disorder or taking medications that can cause drowsiness
  • Footage from surveillance cameras, traffic cameras, or dash-cam videos
  • Photos and video of the accident scene, including skid marks on the road, damage to property, or traffic signs
  • Photos of vehicle damage

Trucking company records like logbooks and black box data can help determine whether a truck driver was operating their vehicle beyond the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) hours-of-service regulations when the crash occurred. Exceeding these federal limits may show a driver was likely too tired to safely operate their vehicle.

Some evidence can be challenging to get without the help of an attorney. For example, black box data is the trucking company’s property. Getting the company to turn over this evidence could be challenging. A truck accident attorney will know how to secure valuable evidence before it is gone to help build a solid case.